Feast on some superb dancing!

Sheer brilliance of dancing, creativity and musicality by the superb Oliver Pineda, seen here dancing with beautiful salsera, Luda…

And then there’s Alien Ramirez & Juan Matos…..incredible to think that this is their first dance together!

Lovely social dancing  by Melanie Torres and Gabriel Perez

What Makes “the Best” Dancers?

Want to know what makes a good Salsa lead or follow? Then check out this great blog on all things related to Salsa and how to improve your dancing skills generally. Really worth reading.


There's a noticeable qualitative difference between people can dance, and people who can DANCE. There’s a noticeable qualitative difference between people can dance, and people who can DANCE.

My concept of what makes a good dancer — of what separates a “wow” dancer from an excellent dancer — has changed a lot from when I started dancing to now.

Back when I didn’t know how to dance at all, I thought the best dancers were the ones who could make me do moves I didn’t even know how to do, because they were so skilled at leading moves that *anyone* could follow them. My goal as I became better at following was to be able to dance/keep up with the “best” dancers (re. the internationally famous teachers/anyone known to be exceptionally good): it was my gauge to tell how much my dancing was improving (being able to follow everything being led smoothly and “perfectly”) — having dancers who were previously disgusted dancing with me…

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About AfroMambo

AfroMambo re-unites the magic of the Latin American Dance Culture with its roots – the pulsating rhythms of Africa. AfroMambo is founded on the dance Salsa, which owes its form to the classic dance, Mambo. “Afro” for the African percussion instruments which define the tempo and throb of Salsa, and “Mambo” for the dazzling foot patterns and thrilling body moves.

Read more here on AfroMambo teacher, Sonia Burdett.